You Don’t Have a Time Management Problem – Part 4

You Don’t Have a Time Management Problem – Part 4

You don’t have a time management problem.

You probably think you do, but the reality is that everyone has the same amount of time. In fact, and you may want to take a deep breath here: you have plenty of time.

What you may have is an “integrity” problem.

Integrity, as defined in this article, is not something soft and fussy. It’s clearly measurable and one of the most direct and effective ways to improve performance.

You do this simply by honouring your word.

We can do this in two ways; by keeping the promises we make and by cleaning up the mess we create when we don’t keep a promise.

None of us can live up to 100% of the promises we make, but it is entirely possible to always honour our word by taking responsibility. We do this by informing all affected parties when a promise is about to be broken AND by taking ownership of the consequences.

Note how simply informing others that we are going to miss a deadline (business speak for breaking a promise) is not sufficient to remain in integrity. Informing others is the easiest part. Cleaning up takes more energy, time and creativity. It is also the most powerful part that pays the greatest dividends.

As your ability to act with integrity grows so will the quality of your relationships. Less time time and energy will be spent in a state of inner and/or outer conflict. Your ability to act with integrity will inspire people around you. This opens the door for an enormous amount of creative potential and new levels of enjoyment at work.

Who is the most important person to maintain in integrity with?


Show yourself how important the promises you make to yourself are. Grow your self-esteem by honouring your word to yourself.

When you fail to deliver on your promises, don’t fall into the next trap of getting into self-punitive (read: counter productive) habits like creating guilt and shame feelings, catastrophic thinking and self-pity.

If you don’t do a workout on the day that you had promised yourself you would do it. Don’t waste time feeling bad. Instead focus on “cleaning up” by making a new promise. For example, to go a bit harder or longer the next workout or add an extra workout for the following week.

No matter how badly and for how long you have been acting out of integrity, it is never to late to honour your word. Integrity is like a muscle that gets stronger every time you flex it. Start working it today and reap the immediate reward of experiencing being in integrity.

It’s one of the best experiences you can have. It also happens to be a very productive one.

Make giving your word the most valuable gift you can give.

Reflection Questions

·     Where are you currently out of alignment with your integrity?

·     What’s your inner experience of this?

·     What would it take to get back into alignment?

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