Win The Inner Game 2: The Present Moment

Win The Inner Game 2: The Present Moment

What do you actually have power over? What can you control?

Following-up on my article about How To Cultivate Real Power, I invite you to take a moment to reflect on these questions.


Can you change the past?

Can you change the present?

Can you control your thoughts? Your emotions? Or even your bodily functions?

The past is gone. The present is unfolding even as I type this. Your thoughts, your emotions and your bodily functions arise spontaneously. You can learn to influence them, but you cannot control them. In fact, the only thing you can ever control are your choices. And specifically, how you choose to respond to whatever is happening in the present moment.

Your responses in the present moment—both inside your mind and outside in your actions and behaviors—are what will create your future. The future always unfolds in-step with the present. And this is where your power lies.

The moment of truth is the present moment.

Making the present moment a primary focus in your life—creating effective strategies to deal with what is arising spontaneously—is a key step to cultivating “Real Power,” and helping you Win the Inner Game (which also happens to be the name of my leadership training program for CEOs and Executive Teams).

Where are you currently operating in Auto-Pilot Mode vs. Conscious Awareness Mode?

What is that doing for you?

And is it helping you cultivate Real Power?

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