True Security

Know thyself.
– Socrates

A sage told a student, “It is utterly useless to try to change the outer world, for it is but a reflection of inner causes. The true seekers seek to change themselves. It is as if our barefoot ancestors met in tribal council to solve the problem of the rocky ground which hurt their feet. Someone suggests a vast program of planting grass all over the world. Another suggests the planting of trees at regular intervals, so that they might swing forward from one branch to the next. Finally, comes the sensible suggestion, ‘Why not pad our own feet?’”

We remain the same person regardless of where we go or what we do.

Wherever you go, there you are.

In seeing this, you can drop the belief in the power of anything other than inner change to provide you with what you really want.

Inner change springs from self-awareness. Self-awareness means to see yourself as you really are, not as you imagine or wish you are.

The cause of your problems lies in faulty thinking. To correct it you must become aware of your faulty thinking.

Here’s an example of faulty thinking and non-awareness of things as they are. Picture a person believing they are secure because they have a family, financial success, decent health and a comfortable home. This is false security because the feelings of security are borrowed from exterior conditions. Underneath, there is fear of losing them and an anxious drive to maintain them. Ironically, this dynamic is what frequently causes these exterior conditions to fall apart.

What we cling to, we push away.

There is an entirely different kind–a higher kind–of security that does not lean on exterior support. It relies on nothing but understanding.

Truth doesn’t change and its support is solid regardless of exterior shakings. 

To possess true security, you must consciously face your insecurity and become aware of the faulty thinking that gives rise to it. This will stir up feelings of insecurity at first. Armed with new understanding you can consciously welcome this experience. This is similar to how you welcome physical pain when exercising based on the understanding that this pain is good for you. You know you are growing stronger.

Choose to consciously endure your insecurity without doing anything to relieve yourself. When you anxiously try to make it go away it gets temporarily pushed away only to pop up again. This cycle can be ended.

Start wherever you are, however you are.

As your inner security grows, reliance on external conditions for security naturally fades away. When fear of losing exterior conditions departs, a deeper enjoyment of them arrives.

The fact is that nothing external needs to change for inner security. True inner security is right where you are, in this moment. Can you sense it?

“The only thing which compels anyone to act against their true interests is their own misunderstanding, but that can be corrected.” 
– Vernon Howard

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