The Four Lessons

“An eagle that can fly over a boulder can also fly over a mountain.” 
– Unknown

A man who knew what life was all about conducted a class in esoteric knowledge. Though few in number, the students were those who had persisted in their studies until something real had developed within them.

One morning, the teacher had to go on a three-day journey. He gave the class three slips of paper, each bearing the lesson for the day. On the first day, a student read aloud, “If you are looking for a hawk, you will never find a dove.”

On the second day the lesson was, “If your mind is set on a stone, you will not recognize a ruby.”

On the third day, a student read, “If you want to see a camel, you will never see a lion.”

When the teacher returned, the class asked, “ What do you mean?”

Wanting his students to think for themselves, the teacher replied, “What do I mean? I mean this. If you hope to discover a weed, you will never discover a rose.”

Two of the many great (and jolting) discoveries in life are to recognize that:

  • We see what we wish to see
  • We do not know what we do not know

What if the truth is that you (despite your age, titles and degrees) have much to learn about how life works and what it is all about?

If true, this would be very good news for you. It would be so because problems are dissolved by taking your psycho-spiritual intelligence to a higher level.

To illustrate, think back to a time when you observed a child making a big problem out of something which, from your level of understanding, was not a problem whatsoever. A problem which, if the roles were reversed, wasn’t a problem for you due to your higher level of understanding

Now, think of one of your current problems which, at the moment may appear as an impassable obstruction, and open your mind to the possibility that eventually it will be as nothing. 

Continue by asking:

“Am I overlooking the right clue by wrongly assuming that I already understand?”

This opens the door for new thinking and deeper understanding to enter your life. 

Use it as fuel to propel you to the next level.

“Even an ounce of higher knowledge improves the flavor of the day, just as a few grains of salt improve the entire dinner.” 
– Vernon Howard