Nothing MAKES You Upset

If there was no human mind, there would be no problems. All problems are created by the mind.” – Anthony De Mello

If your happiness depends on anyone or anything, that’s not happiness. 

That’s pressure, anxiety and tension. 

If you don’t appreciate me, that’s your problem. 

If I need your approval, that’s my problem. 

If someone at work is a problem for you, they’re not the one who needs to change. 

Nothing MAKES you upset. 

Grasping this at a deep level is key to high-performance.

High-performance is about energy, and energy is all about your inner game. Upsets are energy drainers. When you upset yourself you are unable to effectively deal with the situation. When your actions are motivated by relieving your personal upset, your results will reflect that. There will be more upsets.

What upsets you is rooted in your conditioning. It’s in your mind, not in the world. Specifically, the false belief that anything or any person makes you anything. See for yourself how conditioned you’ve been made to believe this. Just listen to a love song, watch a movie or read the news. To most people, it seems like a law of nature. Luckily, that’s not true.

True happiness is caused by nothing. It’s your natural state. Getting back to that state is entirely in your control. 

Your thoughts are like the artist’s brush. They create a personal picture of the reality you live in.”
– Sydney Banks

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