Make Self-Discovery Your Daily Hobby

The mind, like a field, must be cleared of weeds so that natural health may grow abundantly.”
– Vernon Howard

There’s a famous teaching-story in the Sufi tradition (the mystical body within Islam), about Omar, who was searching the ground in a busy marketplace when his friend, Hasan, approached:

“What are you looking for?” Hasan asked.

“My key,” Omar replied.

“Exactly where did you drop it?” inquired Hasan.

“I dropped it in the dark woods while on my way here.”

“In the woods? Then why on earth are you searching here?”

“There’s more light here.”

To solve your problems you must look for the key in the right place. This is always and every time going to be within your own mind. That is the only place where your problems exist. Shine the light of awareness on it. 

The truth is that you’ll never find lasting security in a bank account, or vibrant health in a number on a scale, or abiding happiness by altering your external affairs.

Your handwriting will not improve by getting a new pen.

To solve your problems you have to change how you think.

You can start right now. Look at any problem you have as an inside problem.

Right now, you can decide that the next time you are having a negative experience, for example getting upset about something someone said or did, you can correct yourself by recognizing that it is your thinking about the event that is harming you, not the event itself. Now you are shining the light in the only place where you will find your key.  

Today, observe the way you think and ask yourself, what if ALL my problems come from a misguided use of my mind? What if ALL my problems are caused by false assumptions? For example, the assumption that something other than yourself has the power to upset you.

Make self-discovery your daily hobby.

“The understanding of unhappiness brings happiness.”
– Vernon Howard

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