Believe Even if You Don’t Believe

Believe Even if You Don’t Believe

“Play the game of belief. Act as if you believe. That is power.”
– Anthony Hopkins

What’s the true power of belief?

Right now, invest 2 minutes and listen to two-time Academy Award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins’s thoughts on the power of belief:

What if your beliefs are simply thoughts that you have accepted (chosen) as true?

What if your beliefs are creating your personal reality and the results you experience?

What if you are the creator of your results through the beliefs that are operating in your mind (consciously and subconsciously)?

If true, taking on this belief could turbocharge your ability to create what you really want.

Suspend any disbelief and choose to believe that you have this power.

“Dig the ditches” by putting belief ahead of your existing reality and see if you, just like Anthony Hopkins, can pull the future into the present.

Believe even if you don’t believe.
– Anthony Hopkins

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