Why Become a Mindful Leader?

Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post, recently published an article about mindfulness and its connection to the corporate bottom line which generated a lot of buzz in the online community. As Integral Leadership Coaches and mindful leadership practitioners, we always appreciate when our craft and industry are discussed in mainstream media by influential public figures. In today’s business environment, where complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty rule the day, we see mindful leadership as an essential part of being more effective and satisfied in work and life. To have that philosophy endorsed by today’s business leaders is very gratifying and essential to our work.

Corporate Athletics: Unleashing Untapped Energy for Peak Performance

In this very moment you are experiencing one of a number of different performance states (e.g. relaxed, energized, anxious, exhausted). We tend to think of (and experience) each state as a temporary event in time. Yet every state or experience is intrinsically linked to how you felt the moment before, how you slept last night, what you thought about this morning, what you “need“ to do tomorrow, etc. So while we can only experience this very moment, our experience is impacted by a stream of previous moments, like a flow or a domino effect. The more we realize this—the more we allow for this ‘flow’—the more we are able to perform optimally in each moment.