Mindfulness Training

  • Do you wish to have a stronger presence?
  • Do you want to be more effective and satisfied in work and life?
  • Are you sick of feeling stressed out, like you are drifting through life with no clear direction?

Modern science shows that mindfulness practice can enhance mental clarity and balance, free up attention, and grow self-awareness and emotional intelligence. This results in a decrease in stress, an increase in overall happiness and peace of mind, and a clearer sense of purpose.

My mindfulness training programs are designed to help my clients become more consciously awaremoment by momentof their experience and build the inner strength and insight needed to meet it skillfully. It’s not just a meditation course – it’s mental training, leadership coaching and personal growth seamlessly integrated into a unique and life-changing program.

How it works and what you will get

Each mindfulness training program is tailor-made for each client, but tends to consist of five or eight 60- or 90-min. facilitated sessions. Participants who complete the program will learn to:

  • Shed unproductive habits and improve self-leadership and mastery
  • Better handle complexity, ambiguity and anxiety
  • More effortlessly focus and concentrate on multiple tasks and activities
  • More skillfully manage energy, emotions and negative self-talk
  • Create space for new insights and innovations
  • Experience greater present moment awareness, flow and mental clarity
  • Communicate and collaborate in a culture of ego-less “WE,” a culture based in personal accountability and conscious choice
  • Experience greater physical, emotional and mental health

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