Investing In Purposeful Growth

Do you want to engage yourself and your teams in a way of doing business that inspires personal and organizational growth? Are you excited by the idea of creating a work environment that empowers and enriches the lives of employees, clients and shareholders, and redefines and improves corporate success?

Conscious Business is a synergistic, wise and visionary business philosophy that is rapidly becoming the new way of leading in business. Who you are and what you stand for is as important as what you sell. The purpose of a Conscious Business is to serve a higher purpose and realize a worthwhile vision, and it is based on the principle that purpose-optimization comes before profit-optimization. Not surprisingly, Conscious Businesses are, over the long run, significantly outperforming conventional business in virtually every KPI, financial performance included.

Whether you are a small start-up or an established company, my Conscious Business Consulting program can help your organization achieve success beyond success. It is for leaders who are wholeheartedly committed to co-creating a truly visionary and exceptional company, who want to make the proverbial leap from good to great. It’s not a quick fix (i.e. cut here, cut there, and you are guaranteed to increase the bottom line by $X, manufacturing inauthentic needs, or training more aggressive sales people) but about real growth from the inside out, growth that ripples out to every stakeholder in the business and the world beyond.

How it works and what you get

I offer a variety of conscious business consulting services that will help you transform your business. Programs are customized to the needs of each organization and can include anything from conscious business audits to conscious leadership development to purpose discovery and vision questing. Changes you can expect to see in your organization include:

  • Increase in employee retention and engagement
  • Increase in financial profits and performance
  • Better customer service
  • Lower overhead costs
  • More sustainable business model
  • More engaged stakeholders and happier customers, suppliers, clients and shareholders
  • More effective and powerful attraction of forward thinking and purpose-driven talent

For a full list of services, please contact me.

For more information on conscious business, check out these resources; videos and Conscious Business 101.