Do you ever feel like you are not realizing your fullest potential?

A. You are not alone.

B. You don’t have to go on living like that.

How it works

As my client you will regularly experience life changing coaching conversations. These will be inspiring heart-to-heart conversations where you will be encouraged to show up honestly and authentically. You will be deeply listened to and understood in ways that will create fresh insights and possibilities.

As your coach I don’t just want you to be inspired and feel better. I want for you to be successful and achieve an extraordinary result.

I don’t just work for you in our coaching conversations. I love what I do and am 100% committed to my clients. Outside of our sessions, I dedicate time and energy to think and work through solutions to the challenges arising for each client. You will also receive personalized tools designed for integration into your everyday life, strategically chosen books, ad hoc email/text coaching and other resources on an ongoing basis.

My coaching is for people who are willing to grow and truly invest in themselves. Clients jokingly refer to me as their “uncomfortable friend.” This is true. My role is not to be comfortable but to serve your highest potential. I can only do that if I tell you what no one else is willing to say.

All coaching sessions are done in my office in downtown Vancouver or virtually. Sessions are typically held weekly or bi-monthly and I work with most clients for 1-3 years.

Since every person is unique, my coaching is non-formulaic and non-mechanical.

If you are a President/CEO, Executive, Founder or Board Member I recommend that you review the Coaching Business Case.

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